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Transition Special Education Graduate Certificate

While transitioning from school to the real world is never easy, some students in particular may require more help than most. Through GW’s online Transition Special Education Graduate Certificate program, secondary special educators and rehabilitation personnel gain all the required knowledge, skills and competencies to assist youth and young adults with disabilities as they transition to postsecondary opportunities.

Based directly on research concerning youth with disabilities, legislative requirements and on-the-ground interviews with experts in the field, our Certificate is specifically designed to provide you with transition special education’s best practices. By graduation, you will gain the ability to conduct: ongoing vocational assessments; curriculum planning; collaboration with a variety of stakeholders, including community agency personnel, school administration and faculty and parents; and employment models for individuals with disabilities

With our online curriculum, you have the opportunity to learn from experts and advance your career while maintaining a level of flexibility you would not have in a regular classroom environment.

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