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Strategic Governance and Political Management Graduate Certificate

Described by Newsweek as "the most prestigious university in the United States for political professionals”, the George Washington University is taking its uncommon real-world insights to politicos in the Spanish-speaking world.

Offered entirely in Spanish to closed cohorts of students in Latin America and Spain, our online Strategic Governance and Political Management Graduate Certificate trains political leaders and advisors in political management, leadership, strategy, confrontation analysis and democratic governance.

Courses are taught by some of the most sophisticated and seasoned political hands and government officials. As a student, you are required to submit a project examining a problem in your community and then develop a solution.

Along the way, you will examine the myriad of governance challenges in Latin America and develop a framework for understanding how interactions between various actors create favorable or unfavorable conditions for governance.

Program participants, representing both sides of the political spectrum, are the leaders of the next generation and occupy positions that will create a positive democratic change throughout Latin America.

By working with your political peers in this program, you benefit from exchanging best practices of all political professionals involved—and possibly develop solutions for lasting, positive change at home.

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