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Public Health


Executive Master of Health Administration
This program develops leaders who have the skills and knowledge to deliver healthcare efficiently and effectively. In addition to online and on-campus courses, you will complete an applied organizational research project and a leadership portfolio.
Master of Public Health
In this program, faculty, researchers, and students collaborate with the world’s most influential health organizations to develop groundbreaking models for health care reform, spearhead initiatives to fight disease, and improve community health policy.
Master of Science in Exercise Science in Strength and Conditioning
This program develops leaders who are committed to improving public health and engaging in and promoting public service. By combining science and theory, you will be ready to help others improve athletic performance and prevent inactivity-related health disorders.
Master of Science in Management of Health Informatics and Analytics
This program develops leaders who possess the values, knowledge and skills to achieve optimal delivery of health care through the use of information to make sound decisions.