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Paralegal Studies Graduate Certificate

The GW graduate certificate in paralegal studies is the credential you want to advance within the paralegal profession. It contains the foundational courses that will prepare you to enter the field with confidence and acumen. When you successfully complete the program, you will have acquired the knowledge, skills and abilities to enter the paralegal profession.

The curriculum balances theoretical, philosophical and historical study of law with an emphasis on written and oral communication, analysis, technology and professionalism – skills that employers demand and that will allow you to work proficiently in any area. Courses are rigorous, topical, and exciting.

Designed in conjunction with the legal, government, business, and international communities and taught by experts, our dynamic curriculum provides everything you’d expect from a university located in heart of the nation’s capital. The professors who teach you the laws live and work in that realm every day of their professional lives.

The GW program provides the depth and rigor you need to succeed in the fast growing and competitive legal field and the flexibility you need to make it happen.