Open Courses

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are online courses available to anyone around the world at no cost. These courses are part of the George Washington University’s service mission to provide educational opportunities to people around the world and create innovative approaches to teaching and learning.

The Office of Online Learning supports instructors who are interested in leveraging innovative pedagogies and instructional technologies to reach a broader, international audience.

GW offers several open courses to global learners and students at GW. Investigate courses that may be within your area of interest and take the courses at your own pace.

Graphic for Practical Numerical Methods with Python MOOC

Practical Numerical Methods with Python

The course consists of stacked learning modules that are somewhat self-contained. Each one is motivated by a problem that can be modeled by a differential equation (or system of DEs) and builds new concepts in numerical computing, new coding skills and ideas about analysis of numerical solutions.

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Graphic for Aerodynamics / Hydrodynamics MOOC

Aerodynamics / Hydrodynamics

This course aims to give a foundation in the classical theories of aerodynamics of ideal fluids, as they apply to aerospace engineering design, and it aims to provide competency in solution methods and understanding of their approximation power and sources of error.

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Graphic for Leading Healthcare Quality and Safety MOOC

Leading Healthcare Quality and Safety

This course prepares healthcare practitioners to lead patient safety and quality improvement initiatives. Participants learn the science underlying patient safety and how to measure and analyze patient safety problems, apply systematic approaches to address quality improvement challenges, and lead a culture of change. This GW School of Nursing course is offered through Coursera.

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Graphic of nursing student interacting with simulation mannequin and instructor looking at video capture

Essentials in Simulation

This course provides healthcare practitioners with key strategies to help understand the foundation of Clinical Simulations. During each module, you will learn about seven key components of Clinical Simulation Across the Health Professions and its' impact in your current position as a healthcare professional. Please utilize all of the resources provided by each of the modules to support and enhance your understanding of each concept.

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