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Medical Laboratory Sciences Post-Baccalaureate Certificate

Medical Laboratory Science (MLS) is a profession that combines the challenges of medicine, the basic sciences and clinical sciences into a highly satisfying and valued career. As a medical laboratory scientist, you will be viewed as an essential member of the health care team by functioning as a detective, investigating and determining the causes of disease — all while utilizing the latest biomedical instruments and molecular techniques.

Our online, flexible certificate program is designed to provide you with broad-based knowledge in medical and basic sciences that will allow you to pursue your individual goals. As a graduate of our online MLS program, you will be poised for success as you enter the health care field and utilize future scientific and technological advances in medical laboratory science.

All courses are taught online, with the exception of the clinical practicums. Designed for working professionals, our program provides you with both the rigorous academics you can expect from GW and the flexibility you need to honor your other commitments — not to mention access to the resources and experts both at GW and within the nation’s capital, regardless of your location. Throughout our program, you will:

  • Acquire knowledge and skills to perform diagnostic laboratory testing on patient specimens.
  • Develop, establish and perform procedures for collecting, processing and analyzing biological specimens.
  • Perform analytical tests within their categorical discipline using various manual and automated technologies to aid in the diagnosis of various diseases.
  • Maintain and promote standards of excellence in performing laboratory tests within their categorical discipline.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in theoretical and practical laboratory science to successfully perform within their categorical discipline.

As vital members of the health care team, medical laboratory scientists find great satisfaction in making a direct impact on medical care. Today's medical laboratory science graduates work in diverse settings including hospital laboratories, physician offices, clinics, commercial and research laboratories, pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms, as well as government and public health facilities. Your MLS certificate will not only help advance your career but also enable you to play a vital role in giving our health care system its vitality.