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Master of Science in Health Sciences in Regulatory Affairs

With expected growth of the health care products industry, regulatory affairs need to meet 21st-century demands to encourage innovation and protect public health. Our Master of Science in Regulatory Affairs teaches global regulatory strategy to equip you with skills needed in today’s market.

Our curriculum was developed by collaborating with industry product leaders and regulatory affairs professionals, including the Food and Drug Administration, to provide practical knowledge and skills from experts themselves.  

Our program prepares you to facilitate and lead change and innovation in regulatory practice. You will develop strategies for integrating business needs into regulatory strategic planning and learn to evaluate the scientific and economic value of bringing health care products to the global market. The versatile, distance-based format allows you to advance your education while working full-time.

By acquiring a comprehensive understanding of global regulations for a broad spectrum of product categories and the ability to work effectively in an international environment, you will have a competitive advantage in job markets, as well as a vital role in improving global health care.