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Master of Science/ Crime Scene Investigations (MS/CSI)

Increased professionalism in crime scene investigation is essential to all the forensic sciences. In this program, students become proficient in the techniques used to collect evidence at crime scenes so that the evidence is eventually admissible in court. If the evidence is improperly collected, it will not be allowed to be used in court.  Our courses are filled with hands-on activities, so that students will not only graduate with the Knowledge required to do the job, they have also acquired the Skills and Abilities experienced CSIs must have. Employers often require job applicants to indicate the KSAs the applicant already possesses on the application form. Make sure you have all three!

One of the most important aspects of our Master of Science with a concentration in Crime Scene Investigations (MS/CSI) is our online/hybrid structure. The 'online' portion of the program provides the knowledge required to be a CSI. The 'Hybrid' part of the program involves on-campus intensive immersion experiences, in which students complete the laboratory components of the program and perform hands-on exercises that are necessary for students to acquire the actual skills and abilities a CSI must have to get the job done. With our online/hybrid courses, it's possible for a student to complete our MS/CSI degree and spend just half the "regular" time on campus. This also results in savings for our online/hybrid students because they can do half the degree from home, reducing the costs of living in Washington D.C.