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Master of Professional Studies in Homeland Security

Homeland security is a continually evolving environment of local and national security challenges. The need for comprehensive knowledge and innovative solutions has never been greater.

To protect the country, leaders from across law enforcement must unite to share ideas and strategies. The online GW Master of Professional Studies in Homeland Security offers the education and training needed in the field.

The program provides a pioneering education on counter-terrorism, intelligence analysis, emerging security threats and relevant legislation.

Faculty includes leaders in the field who bring first-hand experience, providing a strong focus on practical experience and strategic application of knowledge. Your peers will be from every facet of security and emergency response, a solid network of like-minded professionals.

This program offers innovative professional development opportunities for individuals in public and private safety sectors, or experience in law enforcement, emergency management, corporate security, transportation security, fire service, public safety, public health preparedness or the military.

Your master's in Homeland Security will enable you to secure a leading role in the field and advance the cause of a smarter, more prepared, more secure society.