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Master of Business Administration

No matter where you may be taking distance-learning classes from, the online MBA at the GW School of Business places you right in the intersection of economic and political power in Washington, D.C.

You will learn the core competencies and hard skills needed in the business world. But unlike any other institution, you will gain access to established relationships within the IMF, World Bank, State and Treasury departments and more, providing you with insight into the inner workings of institutions most never see and perspectives that are changing the very way the entire world views business.

Our online courses are taught by the same faculty members that teach our on-campus programs. In fact, Deans, Department Chairs and tenured faculty teach many of our courses, bringing their expertise to bear on essential business skills, including:

  • Global Awareness and Perspective: Address the implications of global, environmental, political, economic, legal and regulatory considerations when resolving management situations.
  • Moral Reasoning: Incorporate ethical principles and concerns about social responsibility into the resolution of management situations.
  • Problem Solving and Critical Thinking: Use quantitative and decision-making tools and technologies to identify, analyze and solve management problems.
  • Team Leadership and Effectiveness: Learn the critical factors for team success and develop the skills necessary to participate in and lead teams.
  • Oral and Written Communications: Effective communication via well-written reports and delivery of professional presentations.

The program's professional development portfolio provides a suite of unique opportunities tailored to enhance your online MBA experience and pave the way for success after graduation, including online orientations, programs that hone your leadership abilities in virtual teams and several online career and leadership assessment tools. We also offer monthly digital networking and online career development sessions to connect with GW alumni and students all around the globe.

In fact, alumni are integrated into the curriculum to provide unique opportunities for students to connect with our extensive network of professionals around the world. GW alumni are featured in video cases, interviews and podcasts, invited to participate in class discussions, chats and blogs, as well as give feedback on assignments and client presentations. The GW online MBA emphasizes a community of learners that bridges geographically dispersed faculty, students, staff, alumni and business and policy partners.