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Instructional Design Graduate Certificate

While all of us have been taught to follow instructions, there’s a growing demand for those few who lead the way in determining how instructions should be taught. As one of the first online graduate programs of its kind in the United States, our Instructional Design Graduate Certificate program prepares you to apply the theories, principles, models, tools and techniques of systematic instructional design in diverse organizational settings.

From the assessment of needs and the analysis of learning objectives to the rapid-development of instructional materials and their evaluation, our 18-credit graduate certificate program will allow you to:  

  • Apply foundational instructional design principles to the design, development and implementation of learning activities in their workplace
  • Demonstrate an ability to lead the design of effective instruction through proficient planning, development, evaluation and management
  • Demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge of numerous theories, principles, models, tools and techniques that can be applied to the systematic design of instruction
  • Demonstrate their capacity to successfully lead all phases of an instructional design project

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