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Health Policy and Media Engagement

Embark on a focused, high-powered journey through the underpinnings of the political, executive and judicial processes and strategies essential to effective regulatory and legislative implementation.

This 15-credit graduate certificate opportunity is available online for health-related professionals from various disciplines, including nursing, public health, medicine, law, business, public administration and more. During this yearlong program, we will give you tools and strategies to craft meaningful policy solutions:

  • Contribute to actual policymaking processes at the grassroots, state and federal levels in legislative and regulatory environments or within the justice system.
  • Build an in-depth understanding of media as a policy stakeholder, analyze media accuracy and bias and engage with traditional and social media platforms to influence policy. 
  • Sharpen media and communication skills that include interviews, oral testimony, public comments, and opinion pieces while shaping policy with local, state and federal decision-makers.
  • Apply a variety of tools and tactics as you explore and apply health care financing and reimbursement principles and strategies to policy solutions.
  • Develop skills to better engage in meaningful and productive dialogues with your colleagues while serving on a board or committee seat.
  • Gain access to a growing array of resources and learning opportunities through the GW Nursing Center for Health Policy and Media Engagement led by Executive Director Jean Johnson, and supported Senior Policy Service Professor Diana Mason.

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