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Forensic Investigations Graduate Certificate

This GW graduate certificate was initially created to assist working professionals to better position themselves for a promotion or job transfer.  Although this certificate is ideal for that purpose, it has been found that many students are using this certificate for two other reasons as well. 

First, it is an ideal way for job applicants to separate themselves from other applicants who only have undergraduate degrees.  This certificate provides the applicant with the knowledge, skills and abilities looked for by employers.  Potential jobs include civilian and sworn positions as Crime Scene Investigators working for law enforcement agencies.  Other potential employers include federal law enforcement agencies hiring Special Agents.  In addition, with this certificate, one may apply for positions as Medicolegal Death Investigators working for State or local Medical Examiners.

Second, many of our applicants are using the certificate as a stepping stone towards our Master of Science with a concentration in Crime Scene Investigations (MS/CSI) degree.  All the courses of the certificate, with the grade of ‘B’ or higher, will count towards courses required for the MS/CSI.