Course Production

The eDesign Shop is a department under the direction of PB Garrett, Senior Associate Dean for Academic Innovation and Chief Academic Technology Officer. The team consists of instructional designers and multimedia and video experts who specialize in online program and course design. Instructional designers ensure that each course undergoes a thorough pedagogical review and maintains a high design standard.

Program & Course Selection

Programs and courses are selected by strategic design to facilitate sustainable growth into the online market. Faculty members interested in adding their course to the development cycle should contact the dean's office of their school, who will then, upon approval, schedule a meeting with PB Garrett and the eDesign Shop.


Course Planning Meetings

Course Planning Meetings

In the initial meeting with an instructional designer from the eDesign Shop, the professor will brainstorm course design. Susequent meetings will be focused on finalizing elements of course structure.

Course Materials

Course Materials

Next, the professor will be asked to send the designer course materials so the designer can start to draft in Blackboard.

Media Creation

Media Creation

The professor will have the ability to:

  1. shoot videos
  2. create learning objects
  3. add any extra media elements to the course
Final Course Review

Final Course Review

The eDesign Shop will then do the production work and submit the final product to the faculty member for approval and editing.

Featured Work

  • Koobi Fora Field School
    Koobi Fora Field School Video Screenshot

    Koobi Fora Field School

    The eDesign Shop worked with archaeology professors to develop a four-week-long online course to prepare GW students for a six-week course at the Koobi Fora Field School in northern Kenya's Sibiloi National Park.
  • Nike Case Study
    Nike Case Study Video Screenshot

    Nike Case Study

    This case study was created for GW's Business in a Political Age MOOC with instructor Hon. Mark Kennedy.
  • Federal Reserve Open Course
    Federal Reserve Open Course Video Screenshot

    Federal Reserve Open Course

    The eDesign Shop worked with top GW professors of finance, law, political science, and history to create a MOOC that sheds light on one of the most powerful, yet widely misunderstood, institutions in the world today.

  • Ten Tips of Effective Writing
    Ten Tips of Effective Writing Video Screenshot

    Ten Tips of Effective Writing

    This video was created for a GW Elliott School of International Affairs intensive writing course to guide students with their assignments.


Photo of Camille Funk

Camille Funk


Photo of Tom Kelly

Tom Kelly

Instructional Designer

Photo of Iris An

Iris An

Program Coordinator

Photo of Jayda Thompson

Jayda Thompson

Multimedia Producer

Photo of Sandy Chiang

Sandy Chiang

Graphic Designer/Animator

Photo of Leah Sims

Leah Sims

Multimedia Specialist


Photo of Cody House

Cody House

Instructional Designer, College of Professional Studies

Photo of Sue Okun

Sue Okun

Director of Education Quality, School of Medicine and Health Sciences

Photo of Andy Wiss

Andy Wiss

Director of Online Learning, School of Public Health

Photo of Miro Liwosz

Miro Liwosz

Director of Online Learning and Instructional Technology

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