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Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences in Emergency Medical Services Management

Emergency Medical Services Management is a challenging and rapidly emerging discipline at the intersection of traditional EMS, public health, public safety and health care. Our bachelor's degree in Emergency Health Services Management program allows you to develop a depth of knowledge that encompasses emergency preparedness, incident management, deployment, disaster planning and response, special operations, illness and injury prevention, homeland security and leadership.

Our dynamic online program is intended to develop leadership competencies necessary for a successful career in EMS. The combination of courses was selected to build expertise in leadership, creative problem-solving, team-building, clinical decision-making and management. You will learn best practices in all of these areas from expert faculty who provide both domestic and international perspectives in emergency preparedness and response. Because of GW’s location near the seat of our nation’s health policy, we are able to access new developments as they occur and can learn from those with first-hand knowledge and current involvement in today’s policy issues.

Whether you end up practicing emergency medicine as a paramedic or move on to advanced educational pursuits in medicine, law, management or business, our program will provide you with uncommon insight and a unique opportunity to influence the future of emergency health care.